Aayushi Sawarn

Aayushi Sawarn is a 21-year-old student of cinematography with two bachelor degrees under her belt; one from Delhi University, and another (in Kathak) from Sangeet Natak Academi /Prayag Sangeet Samiti. She has done a short-term cinematography course at FTII, was into street theatre for 3 years as an actor and percussionist, and is presently pursing a film studies diploma at Kumaun University. She represented AIESEC-India at China and Egypt as a photographer, and was lauded for her knack for “exploring the concealed… capturing the rawness in the limited boundaries… and thinking out of the box”. In China, her job required her to pictorially document the Chinese culture in contrast to that of India. In Egypt, she was taken to 18 cities and was responsible for building a photography portfolio to enhance the tourism of that land. Her debut photography exhibition was held at London. She has already been offered a chance as chief cinematographer in a regional feature film.

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