Daniela Rogobete

Daniela ROGOBETE is Senior Lecturer in English Literature at the Department of British, American and German Studies, University of Craiova, Romania. She holds a PhD in Postcolonial Studies and this continues to be her major field of study, with a particular focus on Contemporary Indian Literature written in English. Her most important publications include When Texts Come into Play–Intertexts and Intertextuality (2003), Metaphor—Between Language and Thought (2008), Deconstructing Silence—Ambiguity and Censored Metaphors in Salman Rushdie’s Fiction (2010), edited and co-edited collections of essays Centres and (Ex-) Eccentricities - Language, Literature and Cultural Policies (2011), The Silent Life of Things: Reading and Representing Commodified Objecthood (2015), articles published in national and international journals, and literary translations into Romanian. Her research interests also include intertextuality, aesthetics and visual culture.