Art is articulation

Finally, it is about one’s vocabulary.

With a fine vocabulary comes a fine level of articulation. Articulation is the art of differentiating different things. Some people, for example, can never differentiate a Philips screwdriver from a tester, or a basketball from a volleyball.

Without fine articulation the mental imagery is wrong. Multiple objects and ideas are squeezed into one word. The meaning goes completely haywire, as a result.

Good practitioners of any skill learn articulation for the major part of their training. A singer practices precise vocal articulation under the strict observation of her guru. She learns how to differentiate among several notes, how to move from one note to another, how to use one note as the point of origin and depart from that to other notes, close or far away, only to come back to the origin, the şwaraj, umpteenth times. This gives rise to different musical scales, known as ragas in Indian music conventions.


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