Tim Bragg

Tim Bragg, an Englishman living in France (married to a French woman), is a writer-musician, and the founder of two prominent organisations—the (now-ceased) cultural publication, ‘Steadfast’, and the environmental campaign group, ‘English Green’. He is the author-editor of a number of books. And a singer-songwriter who plays a variety of musical instruments. He is also the recipient of an Akademia Award for Best Rock/R&B Song. You can find his drum videos here.
  • Gigging

    The Gigging Life in Rural France—Part One

    The Gigging Life in Rural France—Part One I expect every area has its local circuit of regular gigs. There are always certain venues that feature in a band’s gigging diary. This would apply to any town or city and beyond them a wider rural area. A city often has...
  • preparation


    Big Band Jazz. Part 1 — Preparation The old Boy Scout motto of ‘Be Prepared’ comes to mind as I begin this short article on preparation. It is very relevant to my current circumstances (and after all I WAS a Boy Scout). Upcoming projects mean I must prepare myself...
  • good drum recording

    Recording the Drums—part 3

    The Magix Buss—Part Three: What makes a good drum recording? For some time I borrowed a video camera off a chap I know and filmed myself playing drum solos in our (attached) barn. I was quite pleased with the results. Some time later another chap informed me that the sound...
  • Iss. II.

    Recording the Drums—part 2

    The Magix Buss—Part Two   The next step in my home recording journey came with some Magix software (Samplitude)…Magix have grown over the years, back then their stuff was simpler and cheaper and I learnt how to engineer and produce from it. I thus decided to record my acoustic...
  • Tim Bragg in the recording room

    Recording the drums—part 1

    The Magix Buss—Part One I have made every mistake under the sun when it comes to recording drums. Before 2006, my experience of recording (drums in particular) was in commercial analogue recording studios. Microphones… mixing desks… tape machines—the ‘red light’—an engineer! I have recorded in a number of studios...
  • Introduction to drumming

    Waiting for the Buss   I was having a conversation with my wife just recently. At that time the beginning of 2017 was looking thin on the ground for gigs and musical sessions. Nothing much was happening in general and typically, I was bemoaning this state of affairs. But...