Indie music video wins award in Paris

It Crossed My Mind

The music video of ‘It Crossed My Mind’, the latest track of indie music band Music UnLtd has won the ‘Best Animated Video’ award at the Music Video Underground Festival in Paris.

Released at the end of May, the song delves into the introspective journey of a couple who maturely and objectively evaluate their stagnant relationship. Recognizing that their connection is no longer thriving, they make the courageous decision to part ways amicably, without harboring any ill feelings.

The song’s narrative challenges the traditional negative connotations associated with separation, proposing instead that ending an unfulfilling relationship can be a liberating and positive step towards personal growth and the exploration of better relationships.

Front man of the band, lyricist/vocalist Milind Chitnavis shared insights into the creative process behind the track. “The composition unfolded naturally from its inception and once I finalized the melody, harmony and lyrics, I decided on the musicians whose style would do justice to the sensitivity of the song.”

The band’s eclectic sound spans several genres, including Indie, Rock, Psychedelic, Soft Rock, and Pop Rock. This versatility is reflected in Milin’s approach to collaboration, as he frequently works with a rotating line-up of session musicians. By selecting artists whose styles complement the specific nuances of each song, Milind ensures that every track resonates with authenticity and emotional depth.

Their previous compositions have enjoyed significant exposure, premiering on prominent platforms such as VH1, 9xO, NWCZ Radio (USA), 94.3 FM RadioOne, 93.5 FM Red Indies, and 107.1 FM Rainbow. Their music had earlier caught the attention of Rolling Stone magazine.

‘It Crossed My Mind’ stands out not only for its poignant message but also for its innovative animated video, which played a crucial role in securing the award at the Music Video Underground Festival.

The video brings the song’s themes to life through captivating visuals, illustrating the emotional journey of the couple as they navigate their way towards an amicable separation. The animation’s artistry and attention to detail mirror the song’s intricate composition, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for viewers.


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