• Kamal Swaroop

    Close up: Kamal Swaroop

    Kamal Swaroop is known for flouting every possible convention. I spoke to the filmmaker about his documentary on Dadasaheb Phalke, a project that’s taken two decades to materialise. When was the first time you became interested in Dadasaheb Phalke’s life? What intrigued you the most about him? I got...
  • Modern Times

    Modern Times

    A clock with the seconds-needle soundlessly completes a circle and a half around it, setting the opening tone for Chaplin’s satirical “story of industry, of individual enterprise – humanity crusading in the pursuit of happiness”: Modern Times, inhabited in the Depression years by the famished populace, jobless or underpaid...
  • Indywood Media Excellence Awards—Mumbai edition

    Why do some people dedicate their life to the promotion of others? Why have they made such a seemingly strange deed the central focus of their life and work? What drives them towards an insane passion as this, the Indywood Awards? The answer to such questions often is easily found if...