Muktha Chand

Muktha “Pappathy” Deedi Chand, is the granddaughter of Late T. Damodaran Master, one of the most popular scriptwriters of all time from the cinema of Malayalam; and the daughter of film critic Premchand and scriptwriter Deedi Damodaran. She is passionate about cinema, photography, and feminist theory.  And has worked with major media houses such as Mathrubhumi, Kairali Communications, Media One, The Blink Foundation, and Nirvana Films. She conducts workshops in photography and digital filmmaking. And is presently producing a feature-length docu fiction on the legacy of the Late John Abraham.
  • World Viewing Women Cinema

    World Viewing Women Cinema

    It was an era where everything was being phallocentric, including women. Women started to think like man, see like man and even perceive like man. Language and literature was also being male centred. Women started to lode their identity as a gender of its own. It was during this...
  • Defining Women Cinema

    Defining ‘Women Cinema’

    The history of cinema backs up unto 1890. Like in theatre, cinema also had a period when films were tabooed for women. During this period, women were not even allowed to play the role of the heroine on screen, and it was men who dressed up as women to...