Bijaya Jena

Bijaya Jena is a National Award-winning film director, and the Odiya State Award-winning film actress. A product of the Pune Film School, Bijaya started out as an actress, playing a sensational fictional character in Kamal Amrohi’s historical magnum opus Razia Sultan. She has also acted in a variety of TV serials and the films of KA Abbas, Ketan Mehta, and Nicholas Meyer. Additionally, Bijaya has served on several international film juries, including IFFI and the Dhaka International Film Festival; and is the recipient of the Odisha Lifetime Dedication Award and the Pinamar Municipality Award (Argentina). Her second directorial venture had Hungarian maestro Istval Gaal as her script advisor. Bijaya is now in the pre-production stage of a big-budget Indo-French co-production film.
  • Bernardo Bertolucci

    Bernardo Bertolucci

    The iconic Italian film director whose films are best known for their colorful visual style and fluid camerawork, Bernardo Bertolucci, passed away recently, creating a void in the field of cinema. Bertolucci started his career as an assistant director with Pier Paolo Pasolini in Accattone (1961), and considered Jean Luc Godard as...