Newton—a satire on the dance of democracy.


Starring: Rajkummar Rao, Pankaj Tripathi, Anjali Patil
Director: Amit Masurkar
India release date: Sep 22, 2017
Genre: Comedy, drama
Language: Hindi
Duration: 1 hour, 46 mins


Breaking news—Newton declared India’s official entry for the Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Language Film
A common factor stands out in the list of films nominated for the Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film in the last 60 years: they are strong personal films and didn’t usually do good business till their nomination was declared. The other jury members and I felt that Newton, a technically sleek film with a strong topic of democracy and its election process will appeal to the Oscar members. The other top contenders, Mukti Bhavan and Dangal, too were very much appreciated for their honesty.
Bijaya Jena, jury member
Bijaya Jena



“It takes all kinds to make the world, it takes just one you, me or Newton to be the change we want to see in that world.”

Rating: 4 stars | Full review

Anna MM Vetticad, First Post
Anna MM Vetticad
“Like PK, Newton too has an unvoluntary “eye” tic of sorts; his blinks are forceful and sleep-deprived, as if he were alertly trying to process the vagaries of this world every time he opens them.”

Rating: 4 stars | Full review

Rahul Desai, Film Companion
Rahul Desai


“Masurkar opts for accretion rather than rug-pulling revelations, an approach that matches the movie’s leitmotif. Bitter truths are steadily built up one scene after the next.”

| Full review

Nandini Ramnath, The Reel
Nandini Ramnath
“Could also, just as easily, have been called A Day In The Life Of The World’s Largest, Most Complex Democracy. Or, The Great Indian Electoral Circus.”

Rating: 4 stars | Full review

Shubhra Gupta, Indian Express
Shubhra Gupta


“I can say with confidence that Newton thrilled me like no other Hindi film this year.”

| Full review

Uday Bhatia, Live Mint
Uday Bhatia
“An idea that should make you rethink the notion that Indians have been gloating over for years—the fact that we’re a liberal democracy.”

Rating: 3.5 stars | Full review

Mayank Shekhar, Mid Day
Mayank Shekhar


“Newton, like so many of us, is an outsider in his own country. He, at best, can be a saviour. But a more important question, almost always hanging in the air, is: do the people of the village even want to be saved?… It looks less like an election and more like a lottery. The line separating democracy and farce is both slender and shrinking, and the end result, flitting between absurd and poignant, not altogether unexpected.”

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Tanul Thakur, The Wire
Tanul Thakur




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