Dr. Biju

Dr. Biju (aka Bijukumar Damodaran) is a world-renowned filmmaker from Kerala, India, whose debut film was screened in the Cinema of the World section at Cannes. In addition to bagging innumerous international awards, he is the recipient of 2 Kerala State Film Awards and 3 National Film Awards.
  • Foreign Language Film

    The tamasha of India’s Oscar entry for the Best Foreign Language film

    As usual, this year too, India’s Oscar entry for the Best Foreign Language Film (now renamed Best International Film) has been selected and declared. Every year, every country is allowed to send a film each for the consideration of a nomination. On average, around 90 entries from as many countries...
  • MJ Radhakrishnan

    Tributes — MJ Radhakrishnan

    MJ Radhakrishnan is the recipient of 7 Kerala State Film Awards for Best Cinematographer. Following his demise a few days ago, the 6th International Visual Image Art Film Festival, China posthumously honoured him with a Life Long Achievement Award. Winners of this award in previous years include Niu Bian and...