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Festival Circuit. Call for Entries — Screenplay Competitions

Outfest Screenwriting Lab
Festival dates: Jun 05–07 | Venue: LA, USA
Deadline: Feb 06 | Submission fee: 50 USD

Logo - Page Screenwriting Awards

Page International Screenwriting Awards
Regular deadline: Feb 17 | Submissin fee: 49 USD

New Hope Film Festival – Script Competition
Accepted: Teleplay, feature-length and short scripts
Festival dates: Jul 21–30 | Venue: Pennsylvania, USA
Final deadline:  Feb 24 | Submission fee:

CineStory Foundation Retreats & Fellowships
Dates: Mar 25–28, 2017 | Venue: LA, USA
Deadline: Feb 25 | Submission fee:

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Script Pipeline
Accepted: Screenplay and TV script
Early deadline: Mar 01 | Submission fee: 50 USD

Accepted: Feature-length and short scripts
Regular deadline: Mar 10 | Submission fee: 55 USD

$1,000+ Script Contest
Accepted: Screenplays, stage plays, and TV pilot scripts
Deadline: Mar 15 | Submission fee: 40 USD

Workers Unite Film Festival
Accepted: Script on working life
Festival dates: May 05–25 | Venue: New York, USA
Final deadline: mid-Mar | Submission fee:

Logo - American Movie Awards

American Movie Awards screenplay contest
Accepted: Feature, short, screenplay (under 75 pages), original TV pilot,
spec TV script, first-time screenwriter, and stage play
Final deadline: Mar 31 | Submission fee: 65 USD

The Indie Gathering  (International script competition)
Accepted: Action, comedy, comedy-romantic, drama, drama-comedy, drama-crime,
drama-romantic, experimental, family, fantasy, horror, horror-comedy, martial arts,
sci-fi, slasher, suspense-thriller, TV pilot web episode, and western
Festival dates: Aug 10-13 | Venue: Cleveland, USA
Regular deadline: Apr 24 | Submission fee: 35 USD

Also see the call for entries in Feature filmShort FictionDocuAnimation, & Music Video.

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Piyush Chauhan is a simple apple farmer from Rampur, close to Simla. This Himalayan pandu has immense interest in films of all sorts. Especially, Hindi. In his spare time, which isn’t much these days, he dreams of climbing the impossible mountains.

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