• Rani Padmini

    Rani Padmini

    Of the urge to break free   There comes a time in every girl’s imagination when what she’d want above all is to throw a few things in a bag and hit the road all by herself. Now, this may not sound like the sanest thing to do, but...
  • Pathemari


    Homage to the stoic toilers in the Gulf   Most every Malayali has had a whiff of the highly-perfumed Gulf-returnee or at least has heard tales of it. Pathemari presents a glimpse of the other side: the hardships and mental struggles of those who went to make something for...
  • Nee-Na

    Touchingly, Nee-Na flows, sweet as a romantic poem. Thus, you may not mind that there’s nothing new to the premise: a happily married couple rocked by the entry of another girl. Or to the plot: heads, the man goes with the new girl, tails, he remains with his wife;...