In Hostiles, a native-American-hating cavalry captain is ordered to escort a few of his captives, a dying Cheyenne chief and his immediate family members, back to the latter’s tribal lands, passing through dangerous trails.


Starring: Christian Bale, Scott Shepherd, Rosamund Pike, Ava Cooper
Director: Scott Cooper
India release date: Feb 16, 2018
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Western
Language: English
Duration: 2 hrs, 14 mins



“Christian Bale… the sort of actor whose method invariably overshadows every conversation about him… Notice how he twitches his mouth in Hostiles – hidden beneath a moustache that could inspire Hercule Poirot to do better – and his eyebrows. Notice the jitters in his eyes. Blocker isn’t a man fully in control, even though Bale is. This is a performance that will likely be forgotten amid the dozens of louder ones he’s delivered, as will this movie.”

Rating: 4 stars | Full review

Rohan Naahar, Hindustan Times
Rohan Naahar
“I can’t imagine why the Academy might have snubbed a performance that can be considered essential to the very fabric of the country. His actions form the roots – the Ground Zero – of the democrat-republican rivalry. Perhaps it could be because Bale’s psyche here is an uncomfortable reminder of the fact that while the liberals are speaking up against their xenophobic President’s hypocritical immigration policies, they are doing so from homes built on a land that was never their own; every American citizen is virtually a “settler”.”

Rating: 4 stars | Full review

Rahul Desai, Film Companion
Rahul Desai


“Revisionist morality play about redemption”

| Full review

Johnson Thomas, Mid Day
Johnson Thomas
“The narrative is uneven and there is a battle going on between the mainstream thriller movie undercurrent versus the arthouse wild west prestige picture that Cooper attempts to craft.”

Rating: 2.5 stars | Full review

Mihir Fadnavis, First Post
Mihir Fadnavis




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