Utpal Datta

Utpal Datta is a National-Award-winning Film Critic, Published Author-Editor-Translator and Assam State-Award-winning Filmmaker. He has also been honored with the ‘RAPA for Radio Production’, the ‘Moonlight Media Award for Cultural Journalism’, the ‘Jyotirupa Media Award for Film Criticism’ and the ‘Laadli Media Award for Radio Production’. Additionally, he has served as a Jury Member for the ‘ERA Excellence in Radio Award’ and the ‘Assam State Film Award’. Utpal is presently the Assistant Director of AIR-Guwahati, and the President of Chalachitram, a society that promotes Indian cinema.
  • Pangti

    The Pangti Story

    The new generation of Naga enthusiasts is picking up their lessons of filmmaking in this environment and have leapt into this new venture in quite a big way....
  • Onaatah

    Onaatah — Aesthetics under Lucidity

    Onaatah review – translated from original Assamese by Gitali Saikia   A long shot, night in a town, a huge building of a school or a college or a hospital; shadow and light draws complex pictures, through which a young girl is coming; just a moment; a car passes by,...
  • New Cinema

    Benegal’s New Cinema

    Imposing, ancient, heavyweight pillars, and busy preparation for a shoot in the midst of them—this is the opening sequence of Benegal’s New Cinema, a film by Iram Ghufran, who had us mesmerized with her earlier film, ‘There is something in the air’. The pillars create a sense of traditional...
  • hindi cinema - globalization

    The Cinema of Hindi at the Junction of Globalization

    The mind and body of Hindi cinema may have changed drastically over time, but its soul remains the very same. “Screen mothers still make gaajar ka halwa ‘apne haathon se’ for their sons” trade analyst Komal Nahata once tweeted. For, (in the words of ‘The Newsweek’) “In spite of...
  • Iss. VII

    Book review—Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Guns & Thighs’

    Book: Guns & Thighs—the story of my life Author: Ram Gopal Varma Publisher: Rupa Publication Price: Rs. 500/-    This is how the notorious Ram Gopal Varma illustrates his concept of film in his autobiographical book, Guns & Thighs—the story of my life. It’s not tough to comprehend why the...