Joy Bimal Roy

Joy Bimal Roy is the son of Bimal Roy (legendary filmmaker) and Manobina Roy (one of India’s pioneer woman photographers). He started his filmmaking stint as an assistant director to Shyam Benegal, and years later, made a biographical documentary, ‘Remembering Bimal Roy,’ which received rave reviews at international film festivals. He is presently writing the first of his books on the behind-the-scenes happenings of the Hindi film industry of yore, & designing clothes & interior spaces. He aspires to be a film costume & set designer.
  • Border

    Saving a sari border

    Could love be having to say you are a sari? It certainly could. This border belonged to a sari gifted to my sister Yashodhara¹ 35 years ago, on 4th September 1985 by Partha Biswas, Aditi Biswas’s husband. Our dear friend Maina Bhagat’s son Romil had come to stay with us in 1985...
  • Garad

    Garad — pure silk sari with red border

    The original saree (header pic; on the extreme left) was a Garad saree from Bengal, worn traditionally by married women when performing a puja. It is made of pure silk and has the classic traditional red border. I guess it borders (no pun intended) on blasphemy to meddle with...