Meel Ke Patthar
626-page hard-bound book by veteran historian Vijay Verma on the history of Hindi film music, its significance, and its milestones
  • Lyrics to live by

    Lyrics to Live By— Keys to Self-help Notes for a Better Life

    Music, Ideas… and Butterflies In Lyrics to Live By— Keys to Self-help Notes for a Better Life, Tim Bragg, a French-based British musician/author, offers his readers an exquisite collection of essays, giving them relaxing yet challenging moments of reflection on various problems of life. He starts from an original idea, that...
  • Iss. VII

    Book review—Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Guns & Thighs’

    Book: Guns & Thighs—the story of my life Author: Ram Gopal Varma Publisher: Rupa Publication Price: Rs. 500/-    This is how the notorious Ram Gopal Varma illustrates his concept of film in his autobiographical book, Guns & Thighs—the story of my life. It’s not tough to comprehend why the...
  • half-open windows

    Half-Open Windows

    Half-Open Windows. Originally written in Marathi. Author: Ganesh Matkari. Translator: Jerry Pinto   ‘On one side, the sea. On the other, the city. A city that seemed to believe that the Queen’s Necklace was enough past for it, a city sacri cing its beauty at the dirty altars of money.’ Half-Open...
  • The Oxford History of World Cinema

    Factual ERRORS in ‘The Oxford History of World Cinema’

    The Oxford History of World Cinema‘s promotional page at Amazon states that it “is the most authoritative, up-to-date history of the Cinema ever undertaken.” Really??? More research, please! It’s always a great idea when doing research on Indian cinema to get Indian film critics/scholars to review your chapters on...

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