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If you’re looking out for opportunities, both haves and wants, in the film industry, you may want to check out the ones below. It would regularly be updated for you.




Male Actor
Screen age: 24 – 35 yrs.
Physique: Athletic and fit
Important note: Mail 1 current close up. No other communication would be entertained in the text.


Male Actor
Screen age: 30s
FB inboxSurabhi Saurabh Vanzara
Brief: Require actor in his 30s with a good sense of comic timing. Some kind of theatre experience would be an added advantage. This is for a satirical comedy play. If available, inbox; if possible, also send a link of some prior work. The play is in Hinglish. Accent doesn’t matter but the actor should be able to speak both in English and Hindi.




Sync Sound Recordist /Production Sound Mixer /Sound Designer
Manish Kamble
On Sound Cloud | On Facebook | On LinkedIn


Bungalow/studio for shooting, workshop & auditions
Venue: Jyotirmay Bungalow/Studio is situated, stone throw distance from Naigaon east Station, Mumbai.
Contact: Sumit – 8879561846 (whatsapp) | 8828465461 (calls) |



Note to all with job opportunities to offer

If you would like to have your haves and wants featured here, simply mail the details, and/or call. Only genuine ones would be put up.


Sony Gomes is a dance choreographer from the Malayalam film industry, with over two and a half decades of experience as a stage performer and as a dance master. Some of his students have gone on to become models and actors, and have garnered awards. His signature style is a mix of a variety of genres—from classical dance forms such as bhartanatyam, mohiniyattam, kathak, and kathakali to dance-room, folk and street forms such as disco, hip-hop, and the dappan koothu. Additionally, he has composed the music for, and directed, a music video; and has successfully attempted the film-reviewing stunt.

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