The Caravan
What damned piece of crap is this diversity thing that 'The Caravan' is parading?
  • Foreign Language Film

    The tamasha of India’s Oscar entry for the Best Foreign Language film

    As usual, this year too, India’s Oscar entry for the Best Foreign Language Film (now renamed Best International Film) has been selected and declared. Every year, every country is allowed to send a film each for the consideration of a nomination. On average, around 90 entries from as many countries...
  • Film Certification

    ‘U’, ‘A’, and ‘U/A’ film certification

    Why are we encouraging our children/teens to view bloody, violent films? Are we attempting to breed a violent race? The Film Street Journal has been raising this all important issue in the reviews section, in the last few months, appalled at the lavish spectacle of blood and mass destruction...
  • Simran

    On the incorrect hierarchy of a film credit

    On the incorrect hierarchy of a film credit The scenario: Hansal Mehta’s upcoming film ‘Simran’. Main (first) scriptwriter is Apurva Asrani. Enter: Kangana Ranaut, lead actress. The director gives her the go-ahead to edit parts of the story/dialogues (please note: a director has every right to get anyone of their choice to add/modify parts...
  • The Oxford History of World Cinema

    Factual ERRORS in ‘The Oxford History of World Cinema’

    The Oxford History of World Cinema‘s promotional page at Amazon states that it “is the most authoritative, up-to-date history of the Cinema ever undertaken.” Really??? More research, please! It’s always a great idea when doing research on Indian cinema to get Indian film critics/scholars to review your chapters on...
  • What are the Real Issues before the Indian Film Industry?

    The much obscured truth of independent producers is that they are suckers and though the edifice of the industry stands on their shoulders, none cares for the hell they go through. In the chain that begins with the film production process and ends with the exhibition of the completed...

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